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  • 89,50

    -Blucher with elastic bands in the inner part of the throat for greater grip, made of top-quality soft leather. -Inner antibacterial microfibre linings with sweat absorption. -Removable insole lined with microfibre to keep feet dry. -Low-density polyurethane outsole, which is very light and non-slip. Height of the outsole 4 cm. -Anatomical…

  • 99,50102,50

    -Blucher with elastic bands made of soft and resistant bovine skin which combines elegance and maximum comfort and adaptability. -Cutting-edge microfibre lining which keeps feet aired, dry and odourless. –Removable insole made of active carbon which provides authentic comfort when walking. -Non-slip thermoplastic rubber outsole, very resistant to abrasion. -Open Italian…

  • 91,50

    -Blucher with elastic fitting in the throat for greater comfort, made of top-quality materials from soft and light sheepskin. -Cutting-edge internal lining that keeps feet aired, dry and odourless. –Removable insole lined with an antibacterial material with microfibre that keeps feet dry. –Non-slip polyurethane outsole, which is soft and of a very low density to…

  • -11% Off

    –Handmade kiowa shoes with laces, made of bovine skin. Very flexible and light, with great adaptability to the feet. Handmade moss stitch. -Bovine lining with soft feel. -Padded leather insole for greater impact absorption in the heel. -Leather outsole. -Delicate last which provides great elegance when worn.

  • 76,75

    -Shoe for women, handmade kiowa type manufacturing with laces, made with lambskin. Very flexible and light, with great adaptability to the foot. –Antibacterial and sweat-wicking microfiber linings to keep your feet dry. -Removable padded microfiber insole with antibacterial treatment. –Light and flexible sole. -Comfortable last very adaptable to the foot.