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  • 89,50

    -Blucher with elastic bands in the inner part of the throat for greater grip, made of top-quality soft leather. -Inner antibacterial microfibre linings with sweat absorption. -Removable insole lined with microfibre to keep feet dry. -Low-density polyurethane outsole, which is very light and non-slip. Height of the outsole 4 cm. -Anatomical…

  • 92,50

    -Men’s lace-up ankle boot made with soft and light genuine lambskin thus offering greater comfort and versatility throughout the day. -Technological lining made of 100% breathable microfiber with a higher absorption capacity than other materials to keep the foot dry and offer greater comfort. –Interchangeable insole with the possibility of…

  • 91,50

    -Blucher with elastic fitting in the throat for greater comfort, made of top-quality materials from soft and light sheepskin. -Cutting-edge internal lining that keeps feet aired, dry and odourless. –Removable insole lined with an antibacterial material with microfibre that keeps feet dry. –Non-slip polyurethane outsole, which is soft and of a very low density to…

  • 115,00

    -Shoe for men, extra comfortable with velcro, made with 100% natural foamed lambskin, very soft and breathable, with great comfort and maximum adaptability to the foot without pressing it. In addition, the upper part of the shoe is made of an elastic material which makes it have greater flexibility adjusted…