Footwear conservation


Dear customer,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your decision to acquire our products.

Then, we would like to recommend you some, so that footwear conservation provides it a long performance.
– When buying shoes, you must consider their intended use.

– When choosing the size, you must check which one is the correct one for your feet. Make sure you don’t feel any discomfort or tightness when walking.

– If you choose the wrong shoe size or model, the inner or outer side of the shoe may deform or break.

– Our shoes are manufactured with natural leather and high-quality textiles, which provide optimal comfort due to their softness.

– The outer side of the shoe may present colour tone irregularities. This is usual in shoes manufactured with natural materials, such as leather. Those colour tone irregularities are an authenticity mark, so they aren’t imperfections.

Terms of use

1. Use a shoehorn to put on your shoes. / Do not put on or remove the shoe distorting the heel.

2. Please, remember that it is not recommended that you wear this type of footwear on rainy days, as they are not waterproof and, therefore, water can filter into the shoe.

3. We recommend that you do not wear the same pair of shoes for a long period of time. This is to allow natural sweat to evaporate. If the sweating is excessive, it may result in stains and the cracking of the leather. This is not a shoe defect.

4. Do not wash this pair of shoes by hand or in a washing machine. They are not suitable for this.

5. If they get wet, keep them away from any heat source, insert absorbent paper and let them dry at room temperature.

6. Avoid hits, abrasion or any type of damage that may cause breakages in the leather, lining, bottoms, etc.


Footware care:

Leather footwear: Use special creams for this type of footwear. Apply a cream to you pair of shoes to keep its softness and elasticity. Keep in mind that the leather dries out and there’s a risk of cracking.

Fur on the outer side of the footwear: Clean the pair of shoes with a rubber brush. Use a stain-remover to remove greasy stains. Use a dye depending on the colour and material of the shoe to improve its appearance.

Patent leather footwear:  Wipe the pair of shoes with a damp cloth and then, let them dry.

Patent leather cannot withstand very low temperatures as it cracks and breaks.

Suede or nubuck footwear: Brush it carefully.

Textile footwear: Wipe the pair of shoes with a damp cloth and then let them dry.

Imperfections caused by a misuse are not covered by the guarantee.


Footwear service life depends on its care. 

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