How to calculate your shoe size

Measuring your foot (its projection – the way European shoe size is calculated) is very similar to measuring someone. Many of us remember that, when we were children, our parents asked us to stand with our back against a wall. After that, they placed a book on our heads and marked our height on the wall with a pencil. Then, they measured the distance between the floor and the mark. Well, the way shoe size is measured is very similar to it. You must place your heel against a wall and, with the help of a book, mark the length. Afterwards, you must measure the distance. While measuring, it is essential to wear a pair of socks like the ones you will wear with the pair of shoes you want to buy. It is also important to measure both feet and to choose the largest one (very few people have identical feet). In any case, you must stand up and distribute your body weight between both feet for a correct measurement. You can see the correct measuring system in the photo above. You can use a blank sheet, but it is important to stand with you back against the wall and to stay still.

Then, we add 7 mm to get the measure of the active foot and it is only a matter of applying the table below. The shoe size you should choose is the immediately superior one. For example, if the active foot is 258 mm, you must choose size 39.

There’s one last thing to do. We are measuring the length of the foot, but not its width. Most of the shoes have a narrowing forepart. The most extreme case is women’s shoes that are manufactured with a sharp end. Well, people with wide feet may need a slightly larger size, as the narrowing of the shoe will not let the foot fit in and use the full length of the shoe.


Translation of the table above

  • Measure of active foot in mm.
  • Size
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