Quality policy

Pinoso Sportshoes SL, a company dedicated to manufacturing and exporting comfort and diabetic shoes, has decided to implement a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 13485 standard.


The Management of Pinoso Sportshoes SL focus on the Quality System as a way of organising the functioning of the organisation, on the basis of some basic pillars such as product quality, customer satisfaction and continual improvement of the efficiency of the System, as well as the applicable legal requirements.


In order to improve, we have considered that the implementation of the quality service is essential to obtain a leading position in out sector. Pinoso Sportshoes SL commits to:


  •      Satisfying the customer’s needs and expectations, continuously offering an efficient and quick advisory service in our products.
  •      Implementing and maintaining a quality management service that complies with the requirements of the INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ISO 13485.
  •        Improving the services offered to our customers.
  •        Continuously improving the performance of the organisation, controlling and correcting productive processes and service delivery.
  •        Developing activities in a totally environmentally-friendly context, under the principle of pollution prevention.
  •       Protecting the development of activities in a safe context for employees, under the principle of ensuring their safety and health against labour risks.
  •        Maintaining the Quality Management System in pursuit of the continual improvement of our activities.
  •        Quality leads us to paying maximum attention to technological evolution and the better possibilities that new technologies may make available to us.
  •      Quality and its improvement require the participation and collaboration of each member of our organisation, so this Policy is distributed to all the employees for their knowledge and understanding.


In order to apply these principles effectively, the whole organisation of Pinoso Sportshoes SL commits to implement this Quality Policy.

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