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Shoemaker craftsmen

It's not just a shoe, it's something more. It is an instrument with which to move forward, to advance in your destiny, leaving your mark wherever you go.

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Since 1979 – Shoe manufacturers in Spain

Founded in 1979, Pinoso Sportshoes has become one of the most important and consolidated companies in the footwear sector in Spain.

For more than four decades, we have been dedicated to the manufacture of kiowa for men, women and children. Over the years, we have been introducing more varieties such as the manufacture of comfortable and adaptable shoes for all types of feet, using the best lambskin leather to obtain the most comfortable shoes on the market, created for the wellbeing and health of your feet.

Our brands


Our Pinoso's footwear line is an artisan line with handmade designs that offers a wide range of models. It is created so that your feet can endure long periods of standing and avoid fatigue after walking several kilometers.

Start enjoying the benefits of walking as if your feet and your shoes were one.

Pinoso’s Diabetic

In the Pinoso’s Diabetic line, we are especially committed to the care of one of the most sensitive parts of your body, your feet. That's why we work from prevention to avoid unnecessary complications and discomfort in them. This type of footwear is carefully designed for the rest your feet need, and we also offer various widths adapted to your needs.


Close your eyes and imagine your feet walking on the sand…

Well, start to believe it's possible and indulge yourself in the pleasure of walking. Discover our Footcare Line and start benefiting from our wide range in models, widths, and colors, all designed to provide special well-being to your feet.

Comode by Pinoso's

The Comode By Pinoso’s footwear line is specially designed for those who have problems finding shoes that provide the perfect space to incorporate their insoles while still having stylish footwear.

Comode By Pinoso’s combines design, freshness, and 100% comfort.

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