Diabetic foot care

Foot care is essential for people with diabetes. Blood circulation in the feet can decrease as a result of diabetes, causing loss of sensation, muscle atrophy and pain.

To avoid the appearance of ailments, it is very important that you maintain a good blood glucose control and avoid factors that may increase the risk of vascular and nerve damage.

It is essential to take care of your feet daily, choose the most appropriate footwear and perform proper hygiene.

1. Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water and dry them carefully, especially between the toes.

Comfortable shoes

2. Wear comfortable shoes that do not put pressure on your feet and allow good blood circulation.

Don't walk barefoot

3. Never walk barefoot at home. Always wear sneakers or socks.

Check your feet

4. Check your feet daily, looking carefully at the sole and toes (use a mirror). Check for rubs, sores, blisters, cuts, or swollen or red areas.

Blades no

5. Do not use callicides or blades on calluses, they must be treated by podiatrists or competent personnel.

File your nails

6. Keep your toenails short and straight. To do this, always use blunt-tipped scissors and file the edges.

Cover your wounds

7. Always keep the wounds covered with clean gauze.

Do not wear jewelry on your feet

8. Do not wear jewelry or costume jewelery on your feet, as they can squeeze the ankle or fingers, causing injury.

Watch overweight

9. Control overweight.

Do not smoke

10. Do not smoke, it impairs the blood flow to the feet.

If after all these tips you need special footwear for your feet, here is a small selection.

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